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“In the interactive real-time environment A-Volve visitors
interact with virtual creatures in the space of a water filled glass pool.These
virtual creatures are products of evolutionary rules and influenced by
human creation and decision.”

“Designing any kind of shape and profile with their finger on a touch
screen, visitors will “bear” virtual three dimensional creatures,
that are automatically “alive” and swim in the real water of
the pool. The movement and behavior of the virtual creature is decided by
its form, how the viewer was designing it on the touch screen.

Behavior in space is, so to speak, an expression of form. Form is an
expression of adaptation to the environment.”

Eduardo Kac, Laurent Mignonneau & Christa Sommerer @ City University, Hong  Kong - News - Galerie Charlot | Contemporary Art, Paris

Form and movement are closely connected, the creatures capability to
move will decide its fitness in the pool.The fittest creature will survive
longest and will be able to mate and reproduce. The creatures will compete
by trying to get as much energy as possible. Thus predator creatures will
hunt for prey creatures, trying to kill them.

The creatures also interact with the visitors, by reacting to their
hands movement in the water. If a visitor tries to catch a creature, it
will try to flee or stays still, if it gets caught. Thus the visitor is
able to influence the evolution by for example protection preys against
predators.If two strong creatures meet, they can create an offspring and
a new creature can be born. It carries the genetic code of its parents.
Mutation and cross-over provides a nature-like reproduction mechanism,
that follows the genetic rules of Mendel. This newly born offspring will
now also react and live in the pool, interacting with visitors and other
creatures.” [1]