Very interesting artwork, it's neat that it's local! You did a great job describing what it is and where it is located and it's ties to pop culture are pretty cool too. Just wondering, are the pipes purely artwork or do they serve any secondary/functional purpose for the NOAA like taking atmospheric or wind readings or anything? Either way it's a fitting place for the artwork since the artwork is reliant on input from atmospheric changes (wind.) You start to get into that as you discussed how the wind causes changes to the pitch and sounds but I think you could go further with the analysis of why NOAA was the location chosen for these artworks and why it's so fitting. Near the end you compare it other works by the same artists but there's definitely room to expand on what makes them similar and it might be nice to add hyperlinks to the artworks you mentioned. Great job!
I found this post to be very interesting and it is great to see another local art installation. I feel as though I have seen this work once before up close but there was no wind at the time so there was no notes and I was unsure of what I was actually looking at. It is cool the incorporation of the natural forces that we encounter on a regular basis, such as wind. I wonder if the strength of the wind would vary the tone that resonates from the towers? Great post, it makes me want to visit the structures again even though there is the strict security.