Wipe Cycle

gillette schneider wipe cycle 1969Gillette and Schneider’s Wipe Cycle confused, intrigued and excited viewers who were surprised to find themselves on television screens where commercial programming or taped images of other people

Video Flag Y

“Video Flag is an important example of Paik’s more recent work composed of a series of sculptural television constructions or walls of TVs.


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In the video Myron Krueger explains the Videoplace installation.


[video src=]In Epizoo (1995), Marcel.Lí Antúnez Roca explores complex layers of control and authority with respect to the cyborgian body and electronic systems. The audience controls the artist's body by means of a mechatronic exoskeleton worn by the performer. The viewers could manipulate Roca’s nose, mouth, ears, glutea and pectoral muscles, causing bizarre contortions.  Like the unwitting subjects of the 1974 Milgram experiment, the audience of Epizoo was confronting with taking responsibility for its actions and for the effects they caused on the performer, who was at their mercy.

Vectorial Elevation: Relational Architecture 4

Rafael Lozano-Hemmer’s>Rafael Lozano-Hemmer’s Vectorial Elevation is “an interactive art project originally designed to celebrate the arrival of the year 2000 in Mexico City’s Zócalo Square. The website enabled any Internet user to design light sculptures over the city’s historic centre, with eighteen searchlights positioned around the square. These searchlights, whose powerful beams could be seen within a 15 kilometers radius, were controlled by an online 3D simulation program and visualised by digital cameras. A personalised webpage was produced for every participant with images of their design and information such as their name, dedication, place of access and comments. These web pages were completely uncensored, allowing participants to leave a wide variety of messages, including love poems, football scores, Zapatista slogans and twenty-seven marriage proposals. In Mexico, the project attracted 800,000 participants from 89 countries over the course of its two-week duration.”[1]

Blinkenlights (Reloaded)

The author of this entry’s own video from 2005 when the Blinkenlights installation was revamped for a city lights festival:

Evil Interiors

Movie props from famous (Hollywood) movies, rebuild in a 3D game engine.


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Vrgb VHS Visual Music Composition n.002

Looking back on the technological evolution of the last few decades, it becomes clear how fast it went and how fast technology was rendered as outdated. One of those media formats was VHS.

Evolved Virtual Creatures

This shows results from Karl Sims’ ”Evolved Virtual Creatures project”, which involving simulated Darwinian evolutions of virtual block creatures.


[video src=] is an interactive installation with web surveillance interface in which a movie frame from a montage of violent excerpts from films, news media, and computer games “attacks” visitors v

Five Film Excercises

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Visualizing the commit history of the Python scripting language project.

Piazza Virtuale

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