9 evenings: theatre & engineering

Fahstrom Kisses Sweeter than WinePerhaps the most influential event joining art and technology in the 1960s, 9 evenings was held in October 1966 in New York.

BodyScan (IN/OUT)

“To create BodyScan (IN/OUT), Austrian artist Eva Wohlgemuth had her own body accurately scanned and rendered digitally in three dimensions.Using this as a foundation, the artist subjected her digi

New York Surveillance Camera Players

“Inspired by the situationist theory of détournement, since 1996, the New York Surveillance Camera Players have been enacting agit-prop theatre performances, based on sources including George Orwel

Milk Drop Coronet

What the scientist knows as Surface Tension is a sculptor in liquids, and fashions from them delicate shapes none the less beautiful because they are too ephemeral for any eye but that of the high-speed camera.

In the 1930s, Harold ‘Doc’ Edgerton synchronized a camera’s shutter with a  high-intensity electronic flash unit, which enabled significantly faster shutter speeds as in Milk Drop Coronet (BW, 1936, color image left, 1957.