The Light Inside

During the construction of the Audrey Jones Beck Building, the MFAH had the unique opportunity to commission site-specific art for the new space. Interested in transforming the walk between the Beck Building and the Law Building into an art experience, the museum invited the artist James Turrell to create an installation for that passageway. Turrell is known for his inventive light sculptures that inspire a sense of wonder at how light affects both visual perception and emotional responses to the environment. For the museum´s new tunnel, Turrell created a light installation. The work turns the walls of the tunnel into vessels for conducting light. The walk between the Beck and Law buildings becomes an exploration of color and space. 

Source: Museum of Fine Arts Houston

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  1. This is a really interesting
    This is a really interesting public art project that you found. The aesthetic and wonder of the piece can attract many and be a truly amazing experience that can be tied into such an ordinary task such as walking between two buildings. It is a theme of public art to take a menial and repetitive task one might do on a daily basis and add flavor to it. Interactive or immersive public art has this sort of ability to take these tasks that we do in our environment and make it much more dynamic and unique for any individual. This article would really benefit with analysis of another immersive piece like this to detail how individuals interact with public art and how using unique methods of lighting, sound, design..etc. help create a dynamic environment.

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