Coded Form and Electronic Production


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6206912899_5645817a99.jpgPart photography, part performance art filtered through an algorithmic structure, Nathaniel Stern's Compressionism uses a document scanner as the tool of choice, which takes on the dual roles of paintbrush and camera: as the scanner bulb moves along its path, the artist follows his own path hovering over various objects and textures. Sometimes linearly, sometimes erratically, he moves according to his own performative instincts. With this kinetic approach, Stern bridges a certain gap between his body and the end result.

Long March: Restart

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In 1993, Feng Mengbo created a series of paintings he titled Game Over: The Long March. Painted in the style of 8-bit video games like Mario and Mega Man, the paintings depicted 42 scenes, arranged in order to look like snapshots from a real side scrolling video game. Feng’s protagonist was a nameless Red Army soldier, depicted battling everything from ghosts and giant insects, to sumo wrestlers and astronauts.


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Ah_Q.jpgChinese new media artist Feng Mengbo has worked with iconic first person shooters Doom and Quake throughout his career. In Q3 (1999) Feng recorded footage of the game Quake III Arena and superimposed live action video of himself, toting a camera around the battlefield and interviewing contestants, over top. Feng expanded upon this idea in 2002's Q4U (a play on the common abbreviation for the game, Q3A) by completely reworking the game's code to replace all character models with a model of himself, bespecktacled and shirtless, with a gun in one hand and a video camera in the other. Feng's AH-Q, released in 2004 and pictured here, saw the addition of a dance pad used to control all the player character's motions.

The following video, produced by the Creator's Project, includes examples of Feng Mengbo's work and an interview with the artist.

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Safe, Shotgun

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Robert LazzariniRobert Lazzarini is a Brooklyn, NY based sculpter whose work plays with form and perception of everyday objects. He also incorporates themes of Americana and violence through his choice of objects.

Primal Rhythm

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Mariko Mori

Journey to the Seven
Light Bay/Primal Rhythm

2011 – present

HTML and web based
media, layered acrylic and pigments, software

La Funambule Virtuelle


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La Funambule Virtuelle by Michel Bret and Marie-Helene Tramus

Idea Line

From the beginning, net art has travelled multiple paths. More than a medium, the net is an environment uniquely hospitable to many diverse media: programming… Read More »Idea Line


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