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A better article on Allvision is here Allvision – Marita Steina (1976) Before inventing Allvision, Marita Steina studied art and music in Prague, Czechoslovakia. As… Read More »Allvision


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6206912899_5645817a99.jpgPart photography, part performance art filtered through an algorithmic structure, Nathaniel Stern's Compressionism uses a document scanner as the tool of choice, which takes on the dual roles of paintbrush and camera: as the scanner bulb moves along its path, the artist follows his own path hovering over various objects and textures. Sometimes linearly, sometimes erratically, he moves according to his own performative instincts. With this kinetic approach, Stern bridges a certain gap between his body and the end result.


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Image of Decoy         

Safe, Shotgun

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Robert LazzariniRobert Lazzarini is a Brooklyn, NY based sculpter whose work plays with form and perception of everyday objects. He also incorporates themes of Americana and violence through his choice of objects.

Idea Line

From the beginning, net art has travelled multiple paths. More than a medium, the net is an environment uniquely hospitable to many diverse media: programming… Read More »Idea Line


raduz.jpgBilled as “the world’s first interactive movie,” Kino-Automat was shown in a specially-built theater in the Czech Pavillion at Expo ’67 in Montreal.


"Carolee Schneemann, one of the pioneers of performance art and experimental cinema, created an interactive electronic environment for her multimedia performance, Snows, which premiered in… Read More »Snows

Virtual Mirror – Rain

Artist Tao Sambolec's expanded conception of art emphasizes tactility, embodied experience, affect and perception in space, often involving displacements that heighten our sensory awareness. In this respect, his work finds good company with pioneering contemporary artists from Duchamp to Eliasson. A case in point is Virtual Mirror – Rain, which received Honorable Mention at Prix Ars Electronica. The artist has somehow managed to achieve what might at first seem impossible: rain falling from the skies outside the gallery triggers an equivalent amount of rain "falling up" inside the gallery!