Two Women

stacks-image-34fddf8.jpgTwo women: one is young, angelic, billowing and dream like; the other alternates between the fetal position and the floating corpse pose. Side by side, the wood framed vessels into which the the images are projected and submerged in water, read as both boat and coffin. Like flowers dropped from the installation’s peeling wallpaper or the Chinese screens described by the narrator as she recounts a dream that turns into a nightmare, the water is the source of life of death. In Two Women, the gasping for air is visceral as the older woman contorts her body and I, the witness, listen to her story in Korean, read it in English and hear the stylus punctuate it into fabric as Morse code, the universal language associated with distress.


"Performans sanatı ve deneysel sinemanın öncülerinden biri sayılan Carolee Schneemann'ın multimedya interaktif ortam ve performans çalışması "Snows", 1967’de New York’ta Martinique theater’da gösterilmişti. Karmaşık ve çok… Read More »Snows


Nirvana Mariko Mori 1996-1997 Cam paneller, akrilik,fiber optik kablo, video  [1] Japonya’da doğup öğrenimini Londra ve New York’ta tamamlayan Mori, multimedya enstalasyonlarında geleceğe dair tuhaf ütopyacı… Read More »Nirvana


AllVision01.jpgExploring the medium since the late 1960’s, Steina and Woody Vasulka’s inventive exploration of the new technology coined them as the pioneers of the video arts. The artistic married pair found their inspiration with experimentation of the technology of the moment and social issues of their time. In 1976 Steina (who only goes by her first name) brought her work Allvision to life, born from her research of perception. The installment bears two cameras facing each other on a horizontally rotating axis, in the middle stands a mirrored sphere.  The two cameras, on a turntable, slowly orbit the mirrored sphere. Each camera visualizes one half of the reflected space, making the whole space observable as both cameras’ visual were transmitted to four monitors. [1]


"Carolee Schneemann, one of the pioneers of performance art and experimental cinema, created an interactive electronic environment for her multimedia performance, Snows, which premiered in… Read More »Snows

Selective Memory Theater

[video src=]Pulls images from Flickr and manipulates them to form
a metaphor for how memory and perception work in the brain….

Lowest Resolution

Zhang Peili’s Lowest Resolution consists of a long, narrow, dark alley with a small LCD screen hanging at the end. The LCD screen plays a video, hardly recognizable from distance, of a girl in a red school uniform. The distance makes it difficult to see exactly what the girl is doing or to hear if she’s talking or singing, or maybe crying.


Ryoji Ikeda al MiTo SettembreMusica Festival 2009, il Festival Internazionale della Musica (3a edizione).



TV Buddha (1974) Closed Circuit video installation with bronze sculpture. [1]

Vrgb VHS Visual Music Composition n.002

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Looking back on the technological evolution of the last few decades, it becomes clear how fast it went and how fast technology was rendered as outdated. One of those media formats was VHS.

  • by is an interactive installation with web surveillance interface in which a movie frame from a montage of violent excerpts from films, news media, and computer games “attacks” visitors v

Art:21 presents James Turrell

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‘James Turrell’s work involves explorations in light and space that speak to viewers without words, impacting the eye, body, and mind with the force of a spiritual awakening.