Vladimir BONACIC G.F.E.

«One of the most interesting aspects of this work [in Galois fields] is the demonstration of the different visual appearance of the patterns resulting from the polynomials that had not been noted b


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9 evenings: theatre & engineering

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Fahstrom Kisses Sweeter than WinePerhaps the most influential event joining art and technology in the 1960s, 9 evenings was held in October 1966 in New York.

BodyScan (IN/OUT)

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«To create BodyScan (IN/OUT), Austrian artist Eva Wohlgemuth had her own body accurately scanned and rendered digitally in three dimensions.Using this as a foundation, the artist subjected her digi

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Screenshot of’s hompage

Pigeon Blog

«Beatriz DaCosta’s Pigeon Blog (2006) used miniature air pollution sensors, GPS units, and transmitters attached to homing pigeons to evaluate and map local air quality.»[1]

Jelly Lovers: Dreams of Causality

Jelly Lovers (1991, Michael Joaquin Grey work with Randolph Huff), "a 3-D neural network animation that documents morphological and developmental changes in a Medusa-like artificial life form."[1]<

Listening Post

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[1] "Listening Post is an art installation that culls text fragments in real time from thousands of unrestricted Internet chat rooms, bulletin boards and other… Leer más »Listening Post


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