The Rainbow Machine

The Rainbow Machine (1998) is a large steel structure that is suspended 9 feet off the ground and sprays a wall of water creating a full spectrum rainbow anytime the sun is shining [1]. Rebecca Cummins, the artist, created this structure with the intent of being able to recreate a natural occurrence in nature. The […]

Two Women

stacks-image-34fddf8.jpgTwo women: one is young, angelic, billowing and dream like; the other alternates between the fetal position and the floating corpse pose. Side by side, the wood framed vessels into which the the images are projected and submerged in water, read as both boat and coffin. Like flowers dropped from the installation’s peeling wallpaper or the Chinese screens described by the narrator as she recounts a dream that turns into a nightmare, the water is the source of life of death. In Two Women, the gasping for air is visceral as the older woman contorts her body and I, the witness, listen to her story in Korean, read it in English and hear the stylus punctuate it into fabric as Morse code, the universal language associated with distress.

Eau de Jardin

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