The Rainbow Machine

The Rainbow Machine (1998) is a large steel structure that is suspended 9 feet off the ground and sprays a wall of water creating a full spectrum rainbow anytime the sun is shining [1]. Rebecca Cummins, the artist, created this structure with the intent of being able to recreate a natural occurrence in nature. The […]

Virtual Mirror – Rain

[video src= align:right height:220]

Artist Tao Sambolec's expanded conception of art emphasizes tactility, embodied experience, affect and perception in space, often involving displacements that heighten our sensory awareness. In this respect, his work finds good company with pioneering contemporary artists from Duchamp to Eliasson. A case in point is Virtual Mirror – Rain, which received Honorable Mention at Prix Ars Electronica. The artist has somehow managed to achieve what might at first seem impossible: rain falling from the skies outside the gallery triggers an equivalent amount of rain "falling up" inside the gallery!