Net Art Latino Database

Netart is not dead. It just smells funny. – Brian Mackern, net artist. Created by Uruguayan artist Brian Mackern, netart latino database is a hand-coded, text-only website containing hundreds of links to works by Latin American artists as well as related online discussions and criticism. An archive as well as an artwork, it is described […]


o4oku48qk9py.pngr/place (pronounced "ar slash place" or simply just "place") is a collaborative art project created by the community of the website in April of 2017. r/place was a grid of one million pixels (1000×1000) that was initially completely white. Anyone with a reddit account could visit between the first and third of April of 2017. Once there, users could pick a color, and place a single pixel of the chosen color anywhere on the grid, including pixels that other users had already filled in. Users were allowed to place additional pixels five to twenty minutes after each pixel they placed. The page still exists, however users can no longer participate in the project and instead the subreddit is now dedicated to people simply talking about r/place.

The Dumpster

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