The editing screen is very intuitive in many ways, particularly for writing texts and linking to images, positioning images in the text, creating links. It is not intuitive for adding video. Another problem is that text copied from an online source often will become strangely formatted. For those of you who are familiar with html, there is also an html editing window option, which will allow you to compose entries. The GUI editor is not perfect!  For example, it does a decent job floating images to the right of text but not to the left. So please don’t get too frustrated if it does not behave properly. Rather, please register a comment, and hopefully your solution, in this Help section.

Cut and paste text

Cut the desired text from an online source, then paste it into a simple text editor, like TextEdit. This removes funny formatting. Next, copy the text from your editor into the Companion editing window. VoilĂ !

Insert video

Begin with an open bracket “[” immediately followed by “video src=”. Next, insert the address of the video (eg. from YouTube) immediately after the colon “:”. Then immediately after that insert a closed bracket “]” Note: Do not include the “” marks from these instructions.

The final link would look like this:

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