Enter the title of the artwork, properly spelled and using thecapitalization that the artist used.

Select the decade by year of the work.  In the case of works that span multiple decades, use the decade in which it was initiated.

Select the thematic stream from Art and Electronic Media that best fits the work. Multiple streams may be selected by holding down the Command/Ctrl key while clicking the stream. If you’re not sure, just pick one that sounds likely and editors can fix if necessary.

Select the type of media that your entry (not the artwork itself) will include in it. Multiple media may be selected by holding down the Command/Ctrl key while clicking the type of media.

Select keywords that will help other users of the site find the artwork in question. Keywords should be as consistent as possible throughout the database and should convey core concepts of the work that it shares with other artworks. If you start typing a keyword and one pops up that seems appropriate, please use that one either in place of or in addition to the one you had in mind. Type in name of artist(s) using this convention: Firstname1 Lastname1, Firstname2 Lastname2, Firstname3 Lastname3

In other words, the artists’ name should be separated by commas. Do NOT put last name first. Make sure names are properly spelled! The input field features auto-completition, very likely the artist is already in the list. Choose one from the list with the mouse or keyboard.

Enter year of creation. For works that span multiple years, use this convention: 1964-1981

Page Reference

Enter the page numbers from Art and Electronic Media that contain references to the artwork you are creating content about or of artworks or ideas that are related to the work you are creating content about. If you don’t know, just leave it blank.

More Info

Enter additional info about how this work relates to material in either Art and Electronic Media or the Online Companion. For example, “This work can be compared with work a, work b, work c due to their shared concern with issue x”

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