“United Visual Artists are a British-based collective whose current
practice spans permanent architectural installation, live performance
and responsive installation. Research and development is a core part of
our process – enabling us to constantly explore new fields, as well as
re-examining more established ones.

We aim to work on a diverse and expanding range of projects, drawn from the
commercial and non-commercial arenas, and to collaborate with a wide range of
artists and companies.”

Bio taken from the group website: http://www.uva.co.uk/, last accessed on 27/07/2009

“In the past they have worked for music industry names like U2,
Massive Attack and Pet Shop Boys, as well as a range of high profile
commercial clients.
UVA uses custom hardware and software solutions to create unusal visual shows and installations.”

Text taken from: http://www.generatorx.no/20050815/united-visual-artists/, last accessed on 27/07/2009

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