Nathaniel Stern is a versatile New Media artist who brings elements of videography, performance, interactivity, nature, and net-art to his works. Many of his pieces focus on themes of perceptive feedback loops, and mixed-reality events. That is to say, blurring the lines between audience, artist, art, and medium. Stern utilizes a myriad of both electronic and traditional tools, and even creates his own devices, to express a perspective that is designed reach beyond the bidirectional experience between audience and artwork. The relationship between bodies and art, perception and creation, are explored in his pieces. His goal is to be accessible and abstract simultaneously, and to share his unique viewpoints with the spectator.

Stern graduated from Cornell University in Ithaca, NY in 1999. Afterwards he attended New York University, earning his Masters from their Interactive Telecommunications program before finally receiving a PhD from Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland.stern05a.jpgThis prolific academic has held solo exhibitions in a number of locations including, the Johannesburg Art Gallery, Johnson Museum of Art, Museum of Wisconsin Art, Villa Terrace Decorative Arts Museum, University of the Witwatersrand, and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Stern has been quite active since 2005, and he has created a number of diverse works. Some notable pieces include his Compressionism series of prints (2005 and ongoing); photos and other media derived from using a modified scanner to literally scan objects into his computer. Stern then uncompresses these images to their original dimensions to create ephemeral snapshots influenced by his kinetic decisions while scanning. 4356555927_ae1f845647.jpgGiven Time (2010) is a video and networking installation utilizing the 3D social networking platform Second Life. In it, two characters are created in the Second Life world whose sole existence is through each other’s eyes (or UI's as it were.)

Currently Stern teaches as an Associate Professor of Art and Design at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee.


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