Edward Ihnatowicz [1926-1988] was a Cybernetic Sculptor active in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. His ground-breaking sculptures explored the interaction between his robotic works and the audience, and reached their height with The Senster, a large (15 feet long), hydraulic robot commissioned by the electronics giant, Philips, for their permanent showplace, the Evoluon, in Eindhoven in 1970. The sculpture used sound and movement sensors to react to the behaviour of the visitors. It was one of the first computer controlled interactive robotic works of art.[1]

For more information visit the archive on Edward Ihnatowicz and his work created by Alexandar Zivanovic at www.senster.com. Also see the article by A. Zivanovic

[1] http://www.senster.com/ihnatowicz/index.htm

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