Studied painting at the Academy for Fine Arts in Munich (Prof. Helmut Sturm/SPUR) and Fine Arts at the Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg (Prof. Berhard Johannes Blume).Since the mid 90s, the hacker, cyberfeminist, conceptual and net.artist, Cornelia Sollfrank has been investigating world-wide communication networks and transfering subversive artistic strategies of the classical Avantgardes into the digital medium. Her special interest lies in experimenting with new models of authorship, in continuing all sorts of artistic appropriation, and in deconstructing myths around geniality and originality, Automatically Generated Authorship, audio play (2004). Another focus of her work deals with collaboration, networking, and communication as artistic practices. Within this context Sollfrank is co-editor of the online magazine for art and critique, THE THING Hamburg. Furthermore many of her works—implicitly or explicitly—include a gender-specific approach. In 2006 Sollfrank started the series revisiting feminist art where she repeats early positions of feminist art. She is also founder member of the female artists’ group “Frauen und Technik” and “-Innen;” founder-member of Old Boys Network. [1]

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