Bolygo’s work can probably best be described as illuminating the bridge between
art and science.  His kinetic
sculptures, installations, and drawing contraptions most often attempt to
transcribe elementary forces and occurrences through the use of mechanical
devices. Once created, these devices independently explore the realm of the
natural, as complex structures emerge from random patterns, revealing both the
beauty and chaos present within the universe. In this way, the process often
becomes the artwork, as the devices interestingly parse out for themselves what
the final product will look like. 
Patterns created throughout the duration of Bolygo’s
kinetic pieces often employ pendulums, to which the actual pen or drawing tool
is attached through a series of arms. The human touch required to begin a
pendulum’s movement and the cyclic motion created by Earth’s gravity thereafter
create a junction between the human and the very inhuman, forces that govern

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