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Diamond in you

Tatsuo Miyajima

The work of Tatsuo Miyajima can often fit into one of three themes: ‘keep changing,’ ‘connect with all,’ and ‘goes on forever.’ LED counters also hold a commonplace in Miyajima’s work, usually serving as an effective representation of time, repetition, and measurability in general. In the piece Diamond in you series, Miyajima constructs an abstract shape consisting of repeating crystalline structures with mirrored surfaces. Each surface also contains a slow-ticking LED counter, counting from 1-9 and skipping 0. The title directly relates to the highest level of Buddhist enlightenment, ‘kongochi,’ in which ‘kongo’ means diamond. Diamond in you can be rearranged into different configurations, one of which is a perfect half-sphere representing the inner-universe of the self. The implications of this form give the sculpture a transformational quality, and the ticking numbers and reflections of these numbers also contribute to the ever-changing nature of the piece, and Miyajima’s conception of art and time in general.

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