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A Bedtime Story

A Bedtime Story

A Bedtime Story is a performance piece by Susan Mendes Silva that utilizes a digital medium to create an artificial set of intimacy. As the title of the piece suggests, the piece involves a Silva herself reading a bedtime story, the interesting part being that this is done over Skype. Silva instructs that the audience (whoever requests the performance) to contact her via email or phone to specify a specific time, date and story to be read to them. It is also asked that stories be listened to comfortably in a dark room. The interesting take away from this artwork is the personal atmosphere that it inevitably takes on, as Silva takes on a role that would normally only be associated with a parental figure. It is entirely possible that the audience member(s) may fall asleep during the performance (which has a maximum runtime of 30 minutes), which would implicitly show a sense of trust between these two strangers. Audience members do reserve the ability to halt the story at any time if they begin to feel uncomfortable, which allows for an interesting dynamic potential for outcomes, reactions and scenarios.

[1]: Official artist statement

[2]: Blog post with additional details of work

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