AllVision01.jpgExploring the medium since the late 1960’s, Steina and Woody Vasulka’s inventive exploration of the new technology coined them as the pioneers of the video arts. The artistic married pair found their inspiration with experimentation of the technology of the moment and social issues of their time. In 1976 Steina (who only goes by her first name) brought her work Allvision to life, born from her research of perception. The installment bears two cameras facing each other on a horizontally rotating axis, in the middle stands a mirrored sphere.  The two cameras, on a turntable, slowly orbit the mirrored sphere. Each camera visualizes one half of the reflected space, making the whole space observable as both cameras’ visual were transmitted to four monitors. [1]

Kelly Heaton : Reflection Loop

Kelly Heaton : Reflection Loop (1972) Software designer Steve Gray and artist Kelly Heaton created a very unique experience with children’s old toys, called the Reflection Loop: The pool. [1] Heaton became very familiar with analog electrical engineering in the late 90’s, which ignited the spark to creating the remainder of her work. The way […]


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