Participation TV

Participation TV is another interactive-participatory piece created by video artist Nam June Paik (1932-2006) in 1969. The piece lets the participant control the visuals on the TV screen through speaking or making sounds through a microphone, so as they are making noise they are able to see the line and formations made on the screen instantaneously. […]

Robot K456

“Nam June Paik and Shuya Abe created one of the first art robots. Robot K456 with 20-Channel Radio Control and 10-Channel Data Recorder, 1965, was an

Video Flag Y

“Video Flag is an important example of Paik’s more recent work composed of a series of sculptural television constructions or walls of TVs.



TV Buddha (1974) Closed Circuit video installation with bronze sculpture. [1]

The Originale

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TV Bra for Living Sculpture

TV Bra For Living Sculpture (1969) is a crucial work within Nam June Paik’s career. Consisting of two miniature televisions attached to a set of vinyl straps so that the screens functioned as the cups of a woman’s bra, this sculpture was designed to be worn by Paik’s collaborator Charlotte Moorman as she performed […]

Nam June Paik

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The biography for Nam June Paik is already published in the book. This biography is reproduce, with the help of video documentry by Steve Shelokhonov.