This article is a STUB please make edits and adjustments as suggested on Wikipedia to make it more robust.  Thanks!   The surface inspiration for n-Cha(n)t was a strong and somewhat inexplicable desire to hear a community of computers speaking together: chattering amongst themselves, musing, intoning chants… It is probably significant that […]

The Giver of Names

David Rokeby’s ongoing work The Giver of Names, found on page 79 of Art and Electronic Media, examines our language and the subconscious associations our brain makes when identifying an object. The computer captures an image of an object that has been placed on a pedestal in the gallery space by a visitor. The computer then […]

Transforming Mirrors

The linked .pdf file is a printer-friendly version of the complete text of Rokeby's essay, "Transforming Mirrors: Subjectivity and Control in Interactive Media". It is derived from the HTML version on the artist's website: http://www.davidrokeby.com/mirrorsart.html Originally published in Simon Penny, ed.  Critical Issues in Interactive Media.  SUNY Press, 1995.