Otto Piene

Otto Piene

Otto Piene got the Leonardo da Vinci Prize in 2003

  • German artist
  • His work focuses on elements like light, sky art eviroments
  • 1928 born in Germany
  • 1948 studied painting at Biochereschule and State Academy of Fine Arts, Munich
  • 1950 studied at the State Academy of Arts, Duesseldorf
  • 1951 studied philosophy at the Albertus Magnus University, Cologne,Germany
  • 1951-1964 taught at the Fashion Institute, Duesseldorf
  • 1957 he and Heinz Mack founded the group ZERO,which was also joined by Guenther Uecker.
  • 1964 he and his group ZERO presented “ZERO-Lichtraum”(light ballet)
  • 1964 professor of Visual Design at School of Architecture and Planning, MIT
  • 1974-1993 Director CAVS


  • Leonardo da Vinci Prize,2003
  • the Grand Prize for Zero
  • the Grand Prize of the Tokyo Museum of Modern Art
  • the Kohler-Maxwell Medal for art-writing
  • the sculpture prize of the American Academy of Arts

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