The Weather Project


The Weather Project by Olaffur Eliasson is a grandiose and immersive work of art that in the height of it's installment attracted over 2 million visitors.The project was set inside the Tate Modern in London starting in 2003 and filled the space of the Turbine Hall. A circular disc in the center radiated a glowing yellow light reminiscent of the sun from hundreds of monochromatic lamps. The air was filled with a mist that consisted of sugar and water and was created using humidifiers. The final element of this project was the massive mirror on the ceiling that visitors would lay down and view and watch their tiny shadows move around.

When it comes to aesthetic, this project brings it all. The ambience and glow created by the artificial sun creats a warm atmosphere the viewers can become immersed in. It becomes a place of sanctuary where there is no lack of energy. Coupled with the beautiful and warm atmosphere is the interactive aspect that having the massive mirror brings. Viewers can actively explore the artwork and lay down and view their shadows from far away. The change in perspective becomes extraordinary and allows a viewer to become lost in thought and fully experence the magnificent installment. 

This project is very relatable to other artwork created by Olafur. A theme Olafure tends to play with is the construction of light and creating a certain atmosphere with that light. "Remagine" is another work created by Olafur that takes an otherwise plain room, and uses a spotlight to create geometrical shapes along the wall creating a mesmerizing scene. The difference however between the two is that while "Remagine" creates an image and has a narrow perspective, "The Weather Project" however creates another world and atmosphere that can vary greatly in perspective between viewers.

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