Pigeon Blog

“Beatriz DaCosta’s Pigeon Blog (2006) used miniature air pollution sensors, GPS units, and transmitters attached to homing pigeons to evaluate and map local air quality.”[1]

This is the project Website address: http://www.pigeonblog.mapyourcity.net/.

“PigeonBlog provides an alternative way to participate environmental air pollution data gathering. The project equips urban homing pigeons with GPS enabled electronic air pollution sensing devices capable of sending real-time location based air pollution and image data to an online mapping/blogging environment. Pigeonblog is a social public experiment between human and non-human animals.”[2]

The image below is the screenshot of PigeonBlog.


[1] Edward A. Shanken, Art and Electronic Media, p.36

[2] http://www.pigeonblog.mapyourcity.net/

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  1. This is a very interesting
    This is a very interesting way to use new media for “practical” reasons, and to then chart its effects in blog form. I would love to know more about the pigeon’s flight patterns and the resulting air quality of these areas. I am sure there are some really great charts which would highlight this information. This project seems similar to environmental installations like the sculptures of Andy Goldsworthy – i.e. art that is entirely dependent on weather. The duration of his pieces were dependent on wind and water destruction just as it seems this project is dependent on the action of the birds. I think you could say much more about Pigeon Blog than you do in this journal entry – I’d like to know how environmentalists may have responded to the project. I’d also like to know how this fits in with other contemporary technological projects we’ve seen in class.

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