Permutational Unfolding

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Permutational Unfolding

Eve Andrée Laramée



Laramée’s inspiration and point of departure for the exhibition A Permutational Unfolding was an encounter in a history museum more than two years ago with a Jacquard loom, a machine invented in 1801 by Joseph-Marie Jacquard which operated on a binary system of punched cards upon which the fabric pattern was encoded. These punch cards are identical in function to those employed until the mid-twentieth century in computational devices. Laramee will explore these and other resonances between the pre-history of digital technology — going back more than 200 years — and Modern era digital technology. To emphasize the fact that digital technology — considered by most a feature of contemporary culture — is part of a centuries-old history, Laramée’s installation may intially startle the viewer with its appearance, which will not be that of a 21st-century cybersalon, but rather the transformation of the gallery into a Baroque-era drawing room such as might have existed during Joseph-Marie Jacquard’s time.


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