“First Tighten Up on the Drums” Norman White

First-Tighten-Up-on-the-Drums.jpgArtist Norman White was fascinated by how computer almost run themselves.  So he wanted to created a piece that involved integrated circuits that seemed to act like they had lives of their own.  "Using several hundred early-vintage digital integrated circuits donated by the Sprague Electric Company, Norman set about creating a machine which would autonomously generate shimmering light patterns similar to those seen at the bottoms of swimming pools. Much of the ten months spent making the machine involved teaching himself electronics. When it was finally done, the patterns generated turned out to be more reminiscent of clouds swirling past an airplane porthole, or rain dripping down a window-pane. Looking back now, Norman realize it is an early Cellular Automata experiment."[1]

His piece did created shapes by illuminating different neon bulbs which gave off a calming and soothing sight, but at the same time demonstrated the use of common elextronic to create something beautiful. 

[1] Compart "First Tighten Up on the Drums"

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