Clock for 300 Thousand years

Clock for 300 Thousand years, by Tatsuo Miyajima, is a work of reflecting the Buddhist notion of time. (AEM p 73). His philosophical ideas are created by his concepts of ‘keep changing’ , ‘connect with everything’ , and ‘continue forever’.  In his yearning to understand time, Miyajima states, “Eternity consists of its vigor, which keeps changing”. He is prone to using the digital numbers in a few of his other works, giving light to his strong ties to Buddhism and its spiritual truths. Many times, the digital counters appear in groups of ten, for mathematical purposes, and symbolism for human life. In the way that Miyajima was interested in human life and time, so were philosophers Bergson and James “to theorize vitality and duration with respect to human perception and consciousness.” (aem p 17)

Numbers are so significant in human culture. Numbers are used universally, and a way of communication that is understood by the masses, unlike language. We become attached to specific numbers, and Miyajima portrays this emphasis on life and death through numbers. 





Pictured above, is another work by Miyajima called Counter Line No. 2. This is yet another work involving the digital numbers and time. This worked was created only 2 years after Clock for 300 Thousand Years. 

His work shows consistency in his interests in time. 

Another clock that Miyajima created was Luna, in 1994


His concept on this clock involves the creation of clocks, whether it be the telling of time by nature, and the invention of the first mechanical clock in Europe in the 13th century. 

1. Shanken, Edward A. Art And Electronic Media, p. 73, 17

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Good job for the most part.
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