Jacob Kirkegaard


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[video src=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c1w8Y9XXF5E align:right height:220] Por favor traduzca!  Y crea otros articulos… Commissioned by the Medical Museion in Coppenhagen in the summer of 2007, Jacob Kirkegaard's Labyrinthitis is an interactive sound installation that consists entirely of sounds recorded and generated from inside the artist's ears.  A myriad of online documentation is available for this piece, attesting to its general accessibility and its unique ability to transcend both artistic and scientific frames of reference.  The caveat underpinning these references is that its site-specificity extends beyond its room-scale architecture into the very ears of the visitors, so you have to be present in person to appreciate the full impact of the work.  While i have never been to one of his installations, i have been fortunate to be present at a demonstration he gave of this piece during a keynote lecture at the Supersonix conference in 2012.