Type sort descending Title Artist(s) Media
Artwork Hearsay Norman White Video, Image, Text
Artwork Drei Klavierstücke op. 11 Cory Arcangel Video
Artwork Telematic dreaming Paul Sermon Video, Image
Artwork Telematic Vision Paul Sermon
Artwork Threatbox.us Marie Sester Video
Artwork La Plissure du Texte Roy Ascott
Artwork The File Room Antonio Muntadas Image, Text
Artwork AR Magic System Lalalab, Clara Boj, Diego Diaz Video
Artwork Surge Cycle Andy Deck Video, Others
Artwork Satellite Arts Project Kit Galloway, Sherrie Rabinowitz Image
Artwork Organe et Fonction d’Alice au Pays des Merveilles Roy Ascott
Artwork Send/Receive Satellite Network Liza BEAR, Keith SONNIER, Willoughby SHARP, Duff SCHWENIGER, Sharon GRACE, Carl Loeffler Image, Text
Artwork Hand From Above Chris O'Shea Video, Image, Text, Installation
Artwork My Little Piece of Privacy Niklas Roy Others, Installation
Artwork I Want You To Want Me Jonathan Harris, Sep Kamvar Video, Image
Artwork String Game: Improvisations for Inter-City Video Vera Frenkel
Artwork iPod's Dirty Secret Neistat Brothers Video, Text
Artwork Essay Concerning Human Understanding Eduardo Kac Video, Image, Text
Artwork Electronic Hokkadim Douglas Davis Image, Text
Artwork You Are Here Scott Snibbe Others, Installation
Artwork GLYPHITI Andy Deck
Artwork A Season in Hell Randall Packer Video, Image, Others, Installation
Artwork Piazza Virtuale Van Gogh TV Video
Artwork The Sheep Market Aaron Koblin Image, Others, Text, Video
Artwork Pigeon Blog Beatriz DaCosta Image, Text
Artwork The Sheep Market Aaron Koblin Image, Others, Text, Video
Artwork Venus 2.0 Mark Napier Video
Artwork Paper - The Get Out Clause (CCTV music video) The Get Out Clause Video, Text
Artwork Rhine Water Purification Plant Hans Haacke
Artwork Ornitorrinco Project Eduardo Kac, Ed Bennett Image, Text