Type sort descending Title Artist(s) Media
Artwork Polygon Playground Christopher Bauder, Markus Lerner Installation
Artwork Traffic Sign Fred Vetzenhauer Image, Text
Artwork Virtual Mirror - Rain Tao Sambolec Image, Installation, Video
Artwork The Influence Machine Tony Oursler Video, Image, Text
Artwork Sheng High Trimin Video, Image, Text, Installation
Artwork For Beginners (all the combinations of the thumb and fingers) Bruce Nauman
Artwork Pipilotti Rist Apple Tree Pipolotti Rist Video
Artwork Iris Les Levine
Artwork Rehearsal of Memory Graham HARWOOD (MONGREL) Image, Text
Artwork Animate Field Justin Lui Installation
Artwork Glimpses of the USA Charles and Ray Eames
Artwork PSI Girls Susan Hiller Video
Artwork "Fly" by rAndom International Random International
Artwork He Weeps for You Bill Viola Video, Image, Text
Artwork Live-Taped Video Corridor Bruce Nauman
Artwork Going Forth By Day Bill Viola Video, Image, Installation
Artwork Frontera v.2 Lilia Perez Romero Installation
Artwork Le jardin des mots perdus Johannes Gees Installation
Artwork Interface Peter Campus Image
Artwork Elektrostatic Interference Barry Schwartz
Artwork Piano as an Image Media Toshio Iwai Video, Image
Artwork Pulse Park Rafael Lozano-Hemmer Video, Image
Artwork Cinema Dan Graham Installation
Artwork Metro Moss Edina Tokodi Installation
Artwork "First Tighten Up on the Drums" Norman White Norman White Installation
Artwork Listening Post Ben Rubin, Mark Hansen Image, Video
Artwork Vectorial Elevation: Relational Architecture 4 Rafael Lozano-Hemmer Image, Text, Video
Artwork Hand From Above Chris O'Shea Video, Image, Text, Installation
Artwork scale Marlena Novak, Malcolm MacIver, localStyle, Jay Alan Yim Installation, Video
Artwork Sweet Crude I John Ensor Parker Installation