Type sort descending Title Artist(s) Media
Artwork Kino-Automat Raduz Cincera Image
Artwork Unstoppable Hum 2 Sabrina Raaf Others, Installation
Artwork Curiosity Cabinet at the End of the Millennium Catherine Richards
Artwork Aspen Movie Map MIT Media Lab, Andrew Lippman, Scott Fisher, Michael Naikmark Video
Artwork Weave Mirror Daniel Rozin Video, Image, Installation
Artwork Beacon Chris O’Shea, Cinimod Studio Installation
Artwork Calling for Shantih Peter Campus Video
Artwork 30 Days of Running in Place Ahmed Basiony
Artwork Science Experiments Series: Goldfish Neistat Brothers Video
Artwork A Sound Garden Douglas Hollis Installation
Artwork UCBM (you could be me) Nell Tenhaaf Video, Image, Text
Artwork Innen Stadt Außen, Blind Pavilion Olafur Eliasson Installation
Artwork Nemo Observatorium Lawrence Malstaf Installation
Artwork Three Transitons Peter Campus Video, Image
Artwork Contact: A Cybernetic Sculpture Les Levine
Artwork Aeriology undefined Video, Image
Artwork LSP: Laser / Sound Performance Edwin van der Heide Video, Image
Artwork Virtual Mirror - Rain Tao Sambolec Image, Installation, Video
Artwork Reverse Graffiti Paul Curtis Installation
Artwork "Electrum" by Eric Orr Eric Orr Installation
Artwork Wipe Cycle Frank Gillette, Ira Schneider Video, Image
Artwork Virtual Mirror- Rain Tao Sambolec Image, Installation, Video
Artwork Topshot Helmet Julius von Bismarck Video, Image, Text, Others
Artwork Les Levine Les Levine Installation
Artwork Funky Forest Theo Watson & Emily Gobeille Installation
Artwork Observation of the Observation: Uncertainty Peter Weibel Video, Image
Artwork Analogia I Víctor Grippo
Artwork Passage Sets: One Pulls Pivots at the Tip of the Tongue Bill Seaman Image
Artwork Autotelematic Spider Bots Ken Rinaldo, Matt Howard Video, Image, Text
Artwork Music for Solo Performer - for enormously amplified brainwaves and percussion Alvin Lucier