Type sort descending Title Artist(s) Media
Artwork Dialtones (A Telesymphony) Golan Levin, Scott Gibbons, Gregory Shakar Video
Artwork Blinkenlights (Reloaded) Chaos Computer Club Video, Installation
Artwork Opus 161 Thomas Winfred Image, Video
Artwork Pamphleteer Institute for Applied Autonomy Video, Text
Artwork Going Forth By Day Bill Viola Video, Image, Installation
Artwork Video Flag Y Nam June Paik Video, Image, Text
Artwork Digital Instru-Mentation: Red Forest and Emblems of Ascension Robert Campbell, Cory Metcalf, David Stout, Noisefold Installation, Video
Artwork Text Rain Camille Utterback, Romy Achituv Video
Artwork DeResFX.Kill (KarmaPhysics < Elvis) Brody Condon Video
Artwork Bridget Riley's works Bridget Riley Video, Image
Artwork Aspects of Gaia (Trolly Under Brucknerhaus with networked LED messages) Roy Ascott Video, Text
Artwork Sobra la Falta Emiliano Causa, Tarcisio Lucas Pirotta, Matías Romero Costas, Diego Rusjan Video
Artwork Eye Contact, Responsive Display Rafael Lozano-Hemmer Video, Text
Artwork Yolande Harris "Sun Run Sun" Yolande Harris Video
Artwork Chamber Charles Sandison Video
Artwork WGBH, Fred Barzyk/New Television Workshop Fred Barzyk Video, Text
Artwork Mechanical Parts Matthias Dörfelt Image, Video
Artwork Interface Garnet Hertz Video, Image, Text
Artwork 'The Race' - Ryerson University Film Festival (RUFF) RuFilmFest Video
Artwork iPod's Dirty Secret Neistat Brothers Video, Text
Artwork The Weather Project Olafur Eliasson Image, Text, Video
Artwork Piano as an Image Media Toshio Iwai Video, Image
Artwork Moveable Type Ben Rubin, Mark Hansen Video, Text
Artwork Autopoiesis Ken Rinaldo Video, Text
Artwork Beyond Pages Masaki Fuhjihata Video
Artwork Cybernetic Bacteria 2.0 Anna Dumitriu, Dr. Simon Park, Dr. Blay Whitby, Tom Keene, Lorenzo Grespan Video, Image, Text, Installation
Artwork BodyScan (IN/OUT) Eva Wohlgemuth Video, Image, Text
Artwork Telematic dreaming Paul Sermon Video, Image
Artwork Borealis Steina Vasulka Video, Installation
Artwork Gare Saint Lazare Claude Monet Video, Text