This course looks at the emergent forms of digital art over the last 80 years with emphasis on the last two decades. We look at, read about, and discuss artworks given labels like: electronic art, new media art, sound art, interactive art, installation art, web art, game art, generative art and more.

This will be a collective investigation of the History of Digital Art. Over the ten weeks we will look at the most well known examples of Digital art while also seeking out those not quite so well known. We will work to expand upon a public body of knowledge, turning effort in the class into research for future students and scholars. We will look at 7 themes in digital art structured around the required text, "Art and Electronic Media"


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La Funambule Virtuelle


La Funambule Virtuelle by Michel Bret and Marie-Helene Tramus

A Happy Time/Ribbon Romp


Hydrospatial City

"33 Questions per Minute"


Rafael Lozano-Hemmer:

Born 1967 in Mexico City, B.Sc. in Physical Chemistry from Concordia University in Montreal, Canada.

Diamond in you



Innen Stadt Außen, Blind Pavilion


Tongues of Fire




Round Rainbow



Tower of the Nameless


Rebecca Horn

Tower of the Nameless


Ladders, violins, motors, electronic components

Private Collection, Vienna, Austria