Type Títuloorden descendente Artist(s) Multimedia
Document "Is There Love in the Telematic Embrace?" (excerpt with link to longer text) Roy Ascott Text
Artwork $8,793 Worth of [Digital] Art Pau Waedler Image, Text
Artwork 77 Million Paintings Brian Eno Image, Installation, Text, Video
Artwork 77 Million Paintings Brian Eno Image, Installation, Text, Video
Artwork A Bicycle Built for 2,000 Aaron Koblin, Daniel Massey Image, Text, Video
Document A Manner of Speaking: An Interview with Gary Hill Gary Hill Image, Text, Others
Artwork A SoaPOPera for Laptops / A SoaPOPera for iMacs G.H. Hovagimyan, Peter Sinclair Video, Image, Text
Artwork Alex Catherine Ikam, Louis Fleri Video, Image, Text
Artwork Andy Deck: Screening Circle Andy Deck Image, Text
Artwork Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat, 1895 August Lumière, Louis Lumière Video, Text
Document Art and Satellite Nam June Paik Image, Text
Artwork Aspects of Gaia (Trolly Under Brucknerhaus with networked LED messages) Roy Ascott Video, Text
Document Atrator Poético SCIArts Text
Artwork Autopoiesis Ken Rinaldo Video, Image, Text
Artwork Autopoiesis Ken Rinaldo Video, Text
Artwork Autotelematic Spider Bots Ken Rinaldo, Matt Howard Video, Image, Text
Artwork Barbie Liberation Organization Barbie Liberation Organization Image, Text, Others
Artwork Biennale.py 0100101110101101.ORG Image, Text
Artwork Blue Morph Victoria Vesna, James Gimzewski Video, Image, Text
Artwork Bodies© INCorporated Victoria Vesna, Rob NIDEFFER, Nathanial FREITAS Image, Text
Artwork BodyScan (IN/OUT) Eva Wohlgemuth Video, Image, Text
Artwork Breath Ulrike Gabriel Video, Text
Artwork Burning Desire Mariko Mori Image, Text
Artwork Camera Lucida Evelina Domnitch, Dimitry Gelfand Image, Text
Artwork Carnivore Alex Galloway Image, Text
Artwork Catso Red James Turrell Image, Text, Video
Artwork Catso Red James Turrell Video, Image, Text
Artwork Charles Csuri, Fragmentation Animations, 1968 - 1970: Hummingbird (1968) Charles Csuri Video, Text
Artwork Cheap Imitation David Rokeby Video, Image, Text, Installation
Artwork code_swarm Michael Ogawa Video, Text