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Starting with Increasing the Latent Period in a System of Remote Destructability show in Japan, Survival Research Labs is among the first civilians to develop and operate a multi-user, teleoperated firing system using free software deployed over the web.

The idea for a show where users could operate a machine remotely was first conceived 3 years ago by Mark Pauline and Eric Paulos with Karen Marcelo implementing the server and client components in a way that provides for concurrent, anonymous remote destruction, making SRL the first to offer the public remote control over potentially lethal devices over the web. A proposed event for 1995 was to have the air launcher set up at Blasthaus and operated over the web by anonymous users.

"We are definetly going to set up the launcher here at SRL." and "construct a 28 ft. dia. target ring for the future air launcher Internet hookup."
          -from communications dated September 1995

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